Mainstream Media is not Omnipresent, and In A World So Digitally Connected, Anyone Can Be A Journalist

News is dictated by a select few and those few are the ones who control what trends in the media instead of the ordinary person. News content is shaped by the media houses and structural systems hence a lot of backyard events and innovations are not being covered and there are very few stories about the ordinary person.

Our mainstream media personnel are also faced with time and financial constraints that hinder them from covering all aspects and areas as they are also not Omni-present, however Tipstars are anyone, everyone and basically everywhere. Therefore they can cover those areas and issues for the mainstream media.

Tipster is a news sharing platform that is democratizing the news making business by placing the power of the media into the hands of ordinary people which we call Tipstars. Tipster is basically empowering anyone with a smartphone to be an amateur journalist.

Tipster provides a secure channel for ordinary people to upload exclusive news content (images, videos and reports) which is then distributed/sold to content consumers and publishers (probloggers, Media Houses, TV channels etc) depending on the type of content.

Content Consumers

News Agencies and Blogs that are currently consuming Tipster content

Tipster Services

Our Service offerings

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Tipstar Generated Content

Tipster allows ordinary citizens (Tipstars) to upload exclusive news content which is verified and edited by the Tipster editorial team before it is sold and distributed for publishing.

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Commercial Content

Tipster sometimes brings work to Tipstars instead of the other way round. If Mainstream Media requires a story covered based on location, date and interests, Tipstars will be deployed to cover the story.

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Content Marketing

Tipster offers customized relationship-based and buyer-driven digital marketplace to help companies or businesses to not only pitch their products and services but to deliver relevant and valuable information that makes their customers better informed.

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Our storytellers use stories to help Brands to develop narratives that shape the meaning they represent, develop brand culture and identity through tapping into their clients emotions and logic to ignite passion and imagination.

Meet Our Team

Check our awesome team memebers.

Tatenda Mapfumo

Tatenda Mapfumo

Founder and Chief Story-Teller

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Lindelwe Mgodla


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Takunda Chingonzo


Content Focus

Top and Breaking News

The latest headlines breaking or trending

Technology News

Providing tech news, with investigative reporting and in-depth coverage of tech issues, events and product information.

Community News

News Stories that focus on societal issues and interviews with ordinary people about their daily experiences, to raise awareness and push community development.

Citizen Journalism

Providing basic journalism information, news writing tips, techniques and guidelines

How to sign up

Here is a guide to become part of Tipster's growning community of Citizen Journalists

How to be a Tipstar

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign community agreement
  3. Go throught basic Tipstar News Writing and Ethics training
  4. Start submitting content

Perks of being a Tipstar

  • Tipstars get bylines and source mentions of their published pieces
  • Tipstars get paid for content bought by publishers
  • How to be a Storyteller

    1. Sign up at
    2. Submit storytelling strategies for a dummy company presented to you
    3. Successful applicants will be assigned to manage storytelling for real companies/startups

    Perks of being a Storyteller

  • Storytellers get to leanr and gain experience in various sectors
  • Become part of the Tipster Storyteller Syndicate which has greater value than individual recognition
  • Get paid by each company/startup you will work for